Crowdfunding the Earth ™
  • Be part of the solution.

  • Be part of the solution.

  • Be part of the solution.

Conservation made easy.

We are communities from all corners of the world joining forces, reclaiming the well-being of our planet and all life that inhabits it.



It is time to shift our perspective.

Buying back the planet

Humans have extinguished more species than any natural catastrophe in our history ever has. This means it’s in our same power to fix the damage we have caused.

It’s time we own up to this responsibility and make the necessary changes, and take appropriate action towards preserving Earth’s biodiversity.

Communities supporting communities

Our mission is to empower communities to join forces, help select and fund projects that focus on habitat and cultural preservation with an emphasis on indigenous and native led projects.

  • Taking matters into our hands

  • Taking matters into our hands

  • Taking matters into our hands

Taking matters into our hands

Indigenous Peoples

It is of the utmost importance to our communities and the evolution of humanity as a species to safeguard, cultivate and shed light on the great wisdom indigenous people hold and represent for our future generations.

Ocean Conservation

The Ocean is the source of all life on our planet. It is our commitment to support initiatives that help limit and restore human-caused damage to marine ecosystems while preserving vulnerable coastlines.

Land Conservation

As humanity's natural home, the earth's lands have been unconsciously exploited and mistreated. Finding projects that protect natural landscapes and return developed territories to their raw states or into eco-integrated solutions is elemental to our mission of regeneration.

Resources + Waste Management

Large fractions of valuable resources are lost during waste management because of inefficient waste collection, consumer behaviour and a lack of awareness, market-related aspects, technological barriers, design complexities and the hazardous nature of embedded materials.

Grassroots Led Projects

Knowing the ultimate power and large-scale change passionate and dedicated grassroots led projects can create in local and national communities, we support these efforts in multiplying the likelihood of more community members to take action for progress.

  • Projects that make a difference.

  • Projects that make a difference.

  • Projects that make a difference.

Huni Kuin Tribe

Check out one of our projects.

The Huni Kuin coexist in harmony with the rainforest and its wildlife, they are the frontline gatekeepers of the Amazon.

Their habitat is threatened by deforestation and political issues

Disconnecting them from their community and traditional cultures.

We helped fund and create a center for intercultural exchange for them,

where many native youth spend a lot of their time.

This center will help to maintain their cultural values, language and spirituality.

This has encouraged youth to take pride in their culture and to be more engaged.

Cultivating indigenous traditions and knowledge is essential.

By funding this new cultural exchange center for the Txana Huya Bena Keneya of the HUNI KUIN TRIBES, we’ve allowed for these elemental teachings to remain available and accessible.

Interest from people all over the world has propelled in learning more about ancestral cultures, traditions and their innate connection to nature, both in Acre, Brazil and other indigenous communities.

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