Crowdfunding the Earth ™

Planet Buyback is excited to announce our partnership with Bye Bye Plastic Foundation – a nonprofit, co-founded by DJ & Producer BLOND:ISH, that is tackling the single-use plastic problem within the music industry. We will be joining forces to support BBP’s newly launched Clean The Beat program which is a global series of musically-powered cleanups focused on data collection, plastic circularity, and of course, live music! The project will be landing on the beautiful, yet sadly littered shores of Tulum, MX to collect plastic debris that has resulted from ocean wash-ups and tourism litter and will be converted into 1 of 6 different biofuels via Petgas.


Bye Bye Plastic aims to reduce single-use plastic consumption by bringing awareness to this music-industry driven issue through action-based initiatives like Clean The Beat – a musically-powered cleanup initiative that engages local music communities to cleanup densely littered popular locations to visually show the impact of our plastic consumption and improper disposal of items that end up becoming trash. The Clean The Beat launch in Miami, FL collected 3,136 pounds of trash.


Major music festivals can produce well over 200,000 pounds of trash per day – a shocking number that leaves cleanup crews, landfills, and our environment overwhelmed. With the popularity of these music festivals growing and expanding to scenic countries like Mexico, specifically Tulum, the trash and pollution has become unmanageable and often results to being dumped in the jungles or beaches and negatively impacting wildlife.



$7,000 launches a Clean The Beat program in Tulum, Mexico. This includes all operational costs. The cleanup is expected to host over 100 attendees and DJs to collect over 500 pounds of trash near the famous Tulum Ruins. The long term impact is to inspire event promoters, hotel owners, tourist and locals alike to switch to a system of reusables and minimize their environmental impact and leave the beautiful backdrops they have enjoyed so much just as it was naturally – plastic free.

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