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“We all need to learn about our water issues to make changes and have better health”

-María de Jesús, from the Salitrillo Community

Roughly, 2,800 rural and urban communities, including San Miguel de Allende, and more than 680,000 people are being increasingly exposed to excessive levels of arsenic and fluoride in their water throughout northern Guanajuato.

The devasting truth is that the health impacts of arsenic and fluoride disproportionately impact children as their developing bodies absorb these chemicals at a much higher rate.

While arsenic and fluoride are extremely difficult to remove from the water – boiling, standard countertop filters, and even popular “whole-house” treatment systems cannot touch these chemicals –there are solutions.

Caminos de Agua partners with local communities to design and implement rainwater harvesting systems as rainwater is inherently free of these hard-to-remove chemicals, building large systems to provide families with enough water to last year-round.

Thanks to you, in November 2021, we funded and installed 15 new rainwater harvesting systems that have now changed and enhanced the lives of local families in the Salitrillo community of Guanajuato, Mexico.

Fresh water is the resource most taken for granted, yet many populations have little access to it.

The Women of Salitrillo spearheading the movement!

Salitrillo has been a wonderful and unique experience since it has evoked a group of female leaders, Mothers of the community school who have taken it upon themselves to establish a new council for this new "Clean Water Campaign", where this group of exceptional women started giving technical and educational workshops to their fellow community members in order to both understand and ultimately mitigate the impacts of our water crisis on their children, families, and neighbors.

Partnering with Caminos de Agua

Caminos de Agua is a project that has been working tirelessly for 10 years with at-risk communities im rural towns of Mexico. They've created many short term solutions and alternative rainwater harvesting systems that can store water for 8 to 11 months.

Collaborating for Change.

Evoking New Leaders

Caminos de Agua implements educational workshops where they create awareness of these matters and how to build and use these new water systems for their families and town members, empowering them to take action and spread the knowledge.

Know Your Water

Water quality in a particular location can change constantly, especially in urban areas. Most treatment systems DO NOT remove arsenic and fluoride. Arsenic and fluoride are only dangerous when consumed directly (drinking or cooking).

**This information was provided by, please visit their site for more in-depth tips and research.

  • Help us to make a change

  • Help us to make a change

  • Help us to make a change

Caminos de Agua, creating clean water-access together.

Salitillo, Guanajuato, Mexico

Thanks to our community we were able to fund and install the first 15 rainwater systems in a high-risk water contaminated town in Mexico.

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