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As a result of the acceleration of the decrease and disappearance of bees in the world, Beehive Effect emerges as an initiative that promotes the preservation of bees in Mexico, creating awareness about the importance of these beings in our daily lives.

We seek to heal the damaged and fear-based bee/human relationship.


Gathering groups of conscious citizens that are connected to nature and are passionate about this work (as we are) —has already begun to bring down the numbers of exterminations of bees and other pollinators in Mexico through answering rescue calls, taking appropriate action through governmental advocacy and dissemination of relevant information. Seeking to contribute to the improvement of national food safety and the preservation of bee diversity in Mexico as we build a more sustainable and integrated existence with nature and all of its inhabitants.


Bees and pollinators are of great importance in the balance of ecosystems and the nutrition we receive through the foods they pollinate. In Mexico, currently the law is to exterminate them, a truth that has propelled “Efecto Colmena” to come to life and rise as a proposal for the proper rescue and relocation of these essential beings instead of their ultimate extermination. Collaborate with governmental groups in order to work for the rescue and preservation of the bee and pollinators.

  • We have power in numbers.

  • We have power in numbers.

  • We have power in numbers.


Mexico City, Mexico

Efecto Colmena seeks to be a consolidated organization and reference in the rescue and preservation of bees and other pollinators in Mexico, as well as lead by example in the re-building of our relationship with Mother Nature and all living beings. We salute authorities and education institutions such as the heroic Firemen Organization in Mexico who have served as anchors and accomplices in these rescue missions with us and continue to open the path to collaborating in these efforts of demonstrating the positive change we can all make if we work together.

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