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In June 2021, we completed PHASE 2 of the Txana Huya Bena Keneya Intercultural Center of the Youth, located by the Muru River, of the Indigenous land of  Igarapé do Caucho of Huni Kuin people. 

This center has had the mission of making a safe and vibrant place for younger generations of the amazon tribes to invoke inspiration for the cultivation and dedicated studies of the wisdom and traditions of their people. 

Thanks to the vision of the young spiritual leader Txana Nawa Txuan Bari Huni Kuin, this beautiful project came into existence, with the intention to support his family and the youth of talented musicians and artists of his and many surrounding communities.


As we continue the construction of this 360 educational landmark within the tribes sacred territory, the project is now ready to move forward with fulfilling the blueprints of the following areas: Additional classrooms —to host workshops and their aboriginal art studio. House for Traditional Medicine Making Storage Room —for traditional remedies and sacred plants Bamboo Eco-Shower Structures


New Housing (made with traditional wood & palm structures) Ceremonial Hall for 100 people This space is for local activities/ cultural events and traditions trainings Visitors House (20 people capacity) Home for visitors from other indigenous communities and international passersby that travel to congregate with the tribe throughout the year. Community Kitchen (80 people capacity) Native cuisine & snacks for community and cooking workshops

New Tools

All funds raised will also go towards the sourcing of important materials and tools that the community is in great need of, such as: Kitchenware —appliances, utensils, pots and pans, dishes, jugs and more Rain Water Tanks—1000L-4000L Storage containers Musical instruments —for ceremony and classes Beads and seeds —for their regenerative farm Cotton to create clothing for students and artisanal ornaments Arts & crafts / Medicines Video documentation of the whole project The production of a Website documenting the Cultural Center’s work and offerings to the worldwide community Materials for special gatherings

Keeping Traditions Alive

Many of the cities in Acre, Brazil are a melting pot of different indigenous cultures as well as farmers and mestizos (non-indigenous people). Many indigenous youth leave their villages to study in the city and this makes them become disconnected from their community and traditional cultures. This is because, many times, they lack a place to practice their language, music and dances. This initiative is focused on developing a center of intercultural exchange through music, dance and art expressions of indigenous and non-indigenous people near some larger urban areas of Acre where many indigenous youth spend part of their time.

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Huni Kuin Tribe Intercultural Center | Phase 3

Acre, Brazil

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