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Planet Buyback and The Global Livingston Institute are partnering to launch a community recycling center in Lira, Uganda with the goal of scaling up throughout the country.


In recent decades, the production and consumption of plastic in Uganda has exploded. In 2018 alone, Uganda imported $385.5 mil of plastic, which is approximately 210,000 tons. Uganda only collects ~6%. This means that each year, approximately 195,000 tons of plastic are left in the ecosystem, creating disastrous consequences. There is a clear need to improve the waste infrastructure and address poverty in Uganda and the problem is as urgent as ever.  


In just two short years, the Global Livingston Institute has recycled almost 350 tons of plastic, while injecting $25,000 into the local economy. Because of the success of their first center and to provide community benefit to Ugandans reeling from the COVID-19 pandemic, we are looking to help expand their efforts by building more recycling centers.  

"approximately 195,000 tons of plastic are left in the ecosystem, creating disastrous consequences"


Lira, Uganda

$15,000 launches a new center in Lira. This includes personal and operation costs. The new center will collect over 20 metric tons of plastic in the first six months of its operations and will provide approximately 200 employment opportunities to Uganda’s most vulnerable populations: former child soldiers, people living in poverty and unemployed Ugandans of all ages.

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