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Partner Organization:
The Surf Conservation Partnership


Planet Buyback is supporting the creation of a Surf Protected Area in the beautiful village of Bido, home to one of Morotai’s best waves. Morotai is an island in Indonesia with high-level of biodiversity, outstanding coral reefs and forests, over 30 high quality surfing waves and a vibrant traditional surf culture.


01. Challenge:

While Morotai’s ecosystems are healthy now, threats are growing. Illegal fishing, habitat destruction, and climate change are on the rise – and plans to massively increase tourism could devastate the environment if not well managed.


02. Solution:

Fortunately, the government wants to protect Morotai’s precious ecosystems by creating a network of Surf Protected Areas. This will conserve huge areas of pristine habitat around important surf breaks and promote sustainable surf tourism.


03. Long-Term Impact:

This is just the start. We will expand from here to create networks of Surf Protected Areas around the world, starting with Fiji, Costa Rica and Mexican coastlines with the Surf Conservation Partnership.

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